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College is a significant investment in your child’s future - and, let's face it-, even knowing where to start the process can feel overwhelming.

Why make junior or senior year even more stressful?

By tapping our expertise, you can save both time and worry - while helping your child identify potential fits that were not on your radar.

As an Independent Education Consultant (IEC), Edwards McKee Consultants LLC can take some of the burden from you and your child by:

  • CUSTOMIZING YOUR CHILD'S COLLEGE CHOICES – With more than 4,000 colleges in the USA, can you realistically identify a list of 10  to apply to? Picking the "right schools" is a different process than it was even five years ago. After all, your child is more than test scores!

  • LEVERAGING UNBIASED ADVICE AND SUPPORT – Engaging Edwards McKee, an IEC, can rescue you from stressful dinner-table squabbles about which colleges might “be the right fit.”

  • REVEALING A CURATED, PERSONALIZED ROAD MAP – High school counselors can’t be the No. 1 advocate for every child under their purview – but Edwards McKee Consultants can be exactly that! We can give you a road map – whether to encouraging your child to pursue certain extracurricular activities during their high school years or whether AP or IB best suits them. IECs have the experience to help you make the most informed choices.​

What is an IEC?

IECs have gone through substantial training to help guide your child to the right college. We give unbiased professional assessment of your child's abilities. We can guide your child and family through every step of the college application process.  We help make high school – and especially senior year – a less stressful time for the family by reducing the friction inherent in the process. 

What do I do next? 

We'd love to help you get on the road to college success! We offer a free pre-consultation call. During that call, Edwards McKee Consultants LLC will be happy to discuss its process and identify a path designed to both help your child feel good about their college path to success – while minimizing stress for you and your family.       

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