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College Success With Less Stress


Your Path to College Success, Simplified! 

College is a significant investment in your child’s future - and, let's face it- even knowing where to start the process can feel overwhelming. Why make junior or senior year even more stressful?


By tapping our expertise, you can save both time and worry - while helping your child identify potential fits that were not on your radar. Edwards McKee Consultants helps explain the significance of “demonstrated interest” and “holistic review” as used by different schools and helps your child present their best application in pursuit of the college that works for them.


Some students may start on this path in 9th grade or earlier while others hit their stride senior year. Every student has their own path and we work to understand your child so we can discover their unique path and translate passion into college admissions.

How We Can

Help You

  • We meet in-person, online or via phone to help you and your child achieve your goals!  

  • We charge hourly rates or offer packages - a variety of options to fit your budget!

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